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Dentsu to Establish New Company Dentsu Sports Europe

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Dentsu Inc. (President & COO: Tatsuyoshi Takashima; Head Office: Tokyo; Capital: 58,967.1 million yen) announced today that it has decided to establish a new company to support the increasing globalization in the sports business. The new company will be named Dentsu Sports Europe, Ltd., and will be established today, August 23, 2007, in London, United Kingdom.

Dentsu’s sports business has until now been as a sales agent of sports marketing rights and broadcasting rights to Japanese advertisers and broadcasters. However, over the past few years, Dentsu has been increasing direct transactions with the sports federations of various countries, prompting high expectation from these federations that Dentsu would expand its sales of sports marketing rights and broadcasting rights to overseas advertisers and broadcasters. Therefore, the company has decided to broaden the services of its sports business by establishing specialty operations in Europe, which is the heartland of the soccer business.

Details of the new company are as follows.

Outline of Dentsu Sports Europe, Ltd.
Company Name: Dentsu Sports Europe, Ltd.
Capital: 1 million GB pounds (approx. 240 million yen)
Location: London, United Kingdom
Shareholding Ratio: Dentsu Inc. 100%
Establishment Date: August 23, 2007
President: Kiyoshi Nakamura (currently Deputy Director, Sports Business
Division, Dentsu Inc.)
Employees: 7
Principal Business: 1) Strengthening relations with international sports federations
and European sports organizations, and the development of sports marketing rights.
2) To expand North American and European services in the
field of sports marketing to existing clients and cultivate new non-Japanese clients.
3) Purchasing and sales of broadcasting rights.

Contact: Yukihiro Oguchi
Senior Manager
Corporate Communications Division
Telephone: (813) 6216-8042
E-mail: yukihiro.oguchi@dentsu.co.jp

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