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  • Dentsu to Acquire Equity Stake in World Sport Group Holdings, a Sports Marketing and Management Company


Dentsu to Acquire Equity Stake in World Sport Group Holdings, a Sports Marketing and Management Company

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Dentsu Sports.com

Dentsu Inc. (President: Tateo Mataki; Head Office: Tokyo; Capital: 58,967.1 million yen)
announced today that on June 24 it had reached an agreement with World Sport Group Holdings
Ltd (WSGH), to acquire a 30% equity stake in the company. WSGH is the parent company of
World Sport Group (WSG), a sports marketing and management agency operating primarily in
the Asian region.
WSG handles various sports marketing rights, including all the commercial, marketing,
broadcast and soccer-related content rights pertaining to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)
and a number of its regional associates. The acquisition of an equity stake in WSGH will enable
Dentsu to promote and develop sports business in the Asian region together with WSG.

Profile of World Sport Group Holdings Ltd.

Corporate Name: World Sport Group Holdings Ltd.
Head Office: Singapore
Other Offices: Hong Kong, Beirut
Directors: Seamus O’Brien, President
Tony Morgan, CEO
A Dentsu employee will hold a seat on the WSGH board
Share Capital: US$ 8 million
Number of Employees: 86 (Group basis)
Established: April 1, 2003

Background of World Sport Group

• In 1993, Seamus O’Brien and Tony Morgan established Asia Sport Communications Ltd and
AFC Marketing Ltd (AML), which company concluded an exclusive agreement with the Asian
Football Confederation (AFC) with regard to the commercial rights for soccer in the Asian
region. Additional businesses were set up to work with the Asian Basketball Confederation and
the Asian PGA Golf Tour which they co-founded in 1994.
• Subsequently, as the Asia Sport Group expanded internationally, the business was renamed
World Sport Group Ltd. Following a merger and listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2001, Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Morgan, in 2003, purchased the bulk of their old business, including the
World Sport Group name, back from the public company and have since restructured the
Group’s business under WSGH.

Contact: Hidetada Kochi
Deputy Director
Corporate Communications Division
Telephone: (813) 6216-8042
E-mail: h.kochi@dentsu.co.jp

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